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Beth's love of dogs began as a toddler and only grew with time.

Beth worked at an animal hospital as a receptionist for seven years throughout high school and college. After graduating from UNCW with a B.S. in Business, she embarked on a 25-year career with Coca-Cola, during which time she owned and fostered many rescue dogs and volunteered at rescue organizations, with a soft spot in her heart for seniors and special needs pups.

With a heartfelt interest in the emotional well-being of animals, Beth had the vision to create a pet boarding experience that would allow dogs to benefit from the same conditions she loved cultivating for her own four-legged friends: freedom to play and explore in a beautiful natural setting; a restful, quiet home-like environment; and loving attention.

As she began a search for the perfect property, Beth ramped up her volunteer time, clocking over 500 hours in one year at the Atlanta Humane Society. She refreshed her skills in animal care and acquainted herself with as many breeds and temperaments of dogs as possible. Once the location was selected, Beth devoted her skills and energy to navigating business regulations and zoning restrictions. After months of persistence and preparation, she is thrilled to offer this personal, high-touch service to the metro Atlanta area, with the goal of creating lifelong pet care partnerships and genuine friendships with clients that are devoted to loving (and spoiling) their dogs.

Beth Ramsey, founder and owner of Serenity Dog Retreat
Owner, Beth Ramsey as a little girl with her dog
Owner of Serenity Dog Retreat, Beth Ramsey in her college years sitting with her five dogs


We are dedicated to the safety and pampering of your pooch!

Serenity pet care providers complete an extensive training program designed to help them learn about animal care, dog behavior, pack behavior, emergency procedures, and more.

Serenity Dog Retreat is a member of The Dog Gurus Community which offers continuing education, new operational tools, and access to the industry's best experts. The safety and emotional well-being of the dogs in our care are our top priorities during off-leash play, not just physical exhaustion.

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